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Family of John Belt Wilcoxen

John (Belt?) Wilcoxon
b. September 9, 1754, Prince George's County, Maryland
m. Elizabeth Swearingen
d. December 25, 1832, Hancock County, West Virginia
In 1801 resided on King's Creek in Brooke County, West Virginia. Both he and Elizabeth are buried on Swearingen Road in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, on the West Virginia state line. Came from Prince George's County, Maryland, to panhandle of West Virginia, Mar 20, 1798, settling in Brooke County, West Virginia, on King's Creek.

Elizabeth Swearingen
b. 1758, Maryland
d. February 17, 1841, West Virginia
Father:  Thomas (B?) Swearingen
Mother:  Ruth (Beall?)
See DAR application June 1977 (#317830).
See Beaver County, PA, History by Warner--took gold as dower instead of any of her family's 99 slaves.
Church of England

CHILDREN of John Wilcoxon and Elizabeth Swearingen:

1.     Anthony Wilcoxon
b. February 22, 1778, Maryland
m. circa 1800, to Rebecca Swearingen
d. circa 1862, Meigs County, Ohio

2.     Patsy Wilcoxon
b. 1783

3.     Samuel Wilcoxon
b. February 1, 1784, Prince Georges, Maryland
m. March 5/25, 1806, to Christiana Baker, Brooke County, West Virginia
d. August 17, 1866, New Harrisburg, Harrison Township, Carroll County, Ohio

4.     Line (Loni?, Selina?, Emaline?) Wilcoxon
b. 1785
Named as a daughter in her father's will.

5.     Fielder Wilcoxon
b. 1786
m. April 21, 1810, to Rebecca Spivy, Brooke County, West Virginia, by George Scott
d. before 1813

6.     John Wilcoxon, Jr.
b. 1787
m. October 17, 1810/1820, Brooke County, West Virginia, to Fanny Baker by Rev. George Buchanan)
d. before April 1, 1830
Four children.

7.     Jesse Wilcoxon
b. 1788, Maryland
m. Martha ?
d. January 9, 1879, Salem, Columbiana County, Ohio

8.     Elizabeth Wilcoxon
b. 1792

9.     Reason/Rezin Wilcoxon
b. December 1806, Poe, Hanover Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
m. circa 1828 to Eleanor Tucker
d. July 22, 1880, buried Bethel Cemetery, Hanover Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania
Resided Poe Township, Beaver County, Pennsylvania.
Occupation:  blacksmith & farmer.
Will dated June 8, 1880, probated January 28, 1881, Beaver County, PA.

10.    Henry Hardy Wilcoxon
b. 1808, West Virginia
m. before 1837, West Virginia, to Harriet Harper
d. August 31, 1873, Hancock County, West Virginia, of dropsy, buried Bethel Cemetery, Hancock County, Pennsylvania.

There may have been two more children who died young before 1832 that do not appear in the father's will.